Don't leave valuables on display in parked vehicles

  Posted: 16.10.19 at 18:02 by The Editor

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Police in Torquay are warning residents to be aware after an increase in reports of vehicle crime across some parts of the town.

Inspector Ian Stevens, who is responsible for neighbourhood policing in the town is concerned due to the recent spate of vehicle thefts. He said: “We saw eight incidents on one day last week, predominantly in the Chelston and Cockington areas. I want to remind residents that although we live in a safe part of the country, opportunistic thieves will take advantage where they can.”

Opportunistic thieves will look for the easy to steal items, even small change that is often kept in the car for parking. Inspector Stevens went on to say, “the incidents reported involved windows being smashed to gain entry, followed by what appears to be a quick search and the removal of items that were reported to have been on display. Simply removing items from display will go a long way to keeping your vehicle safe.”

Whilst working with the public to take action to reduce the opportunities for thieves, police will be carrying out patrols in the most affected areas and carrying out stop and search where appropriate.

Top tips to remember to keep your vehicle safe:

Don’t tempt a thief. Never leave anything on display in your vehicle.Thieves will steal phones, small change, wallets and even shopping bags from cars if they think they could be worth something.

Always remove any portable devices.

Make sure your vehicle is secure when you leave it, including shutting all windows.

Don’t leave the vehicle documents in the car.

Try to park in well-lit areas where possible. Thieves always like to steal from cars which are parked in places where they run the least risk of being seen. Avoid parking in places that are concealed from public view.

If you are a victim of car crime please contact the police through the following methods:

If a crime has already happened, or to give information about a crime:

[email protected]

Call 101

Where life is threatened, people are injured, offenders are nearby or if immediate action is required call 999. 


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